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Our Story

The evolution of our logistics company: A story of growth and success

Pelikan by its name of the bird, symbolize a careful, safe and smoothly transport, as the Pelikan transports food with beak for its birds.


A Global Logistics Company Connecting the World

A special focus has been placed on the projects we have handled for the worldwide activities of NATO, WHO, UNHCR, UNICEF, the World Food Program, etc. since our establishment, specifically from the years 91’ to 95’.
We were among the early adopters of the usage of bonded warehouses in the 1996’s, paving the way for an innovative model that had not yet been created. Through this program,we provided more opportunities for local and global markets, as well as the nearby communities where we built warehouses to grow their import and export activities.

Our company, with the main role of receiving the goods, organizing maritime, customs, unloading/loading, transport, logistics, controlling, and issuing procedures, best realizes the closing of the entire cycle of procedures with all involved parties (shipper of goods, receiver of goods/client, and state and customs authority).

Transporting containerized goods was another invention Pelikan introduced to the Albanian market in the ‘98s. The initial ships originated in Turkey, Greece, and Italy. Although still in its early stages, this transformation was essential in order to keep up with the times and the global transportation business.