Freight Forwarder

A shipping agent or a forwarding agent is responsible for transferring goods to national and international destinations. Pelikan is definitely that and more—a combination of a shipping agent and forwarding agent; it is a Albanian business that is one of the sea freight companies certified. The said shipping agent company is also licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission to transport ocean freight. If you want to deal with a shipping agent company that knows by heart the export and import rules, shipping methods, etc., you are sure to find Pelikan as your most excellent choice for a forwarding agent.

A forwarding company like Pelikan not only handles cargo. It is also a shipping agent establishment that aids exporters in determining the correct quotations by giving expert advice on insurance costs, special documentation fees, etc. Each shipping agent also gives recommendations when it comes to the appropriate packing methods for sure goods protection, at the same time seeing to the packing of the items at the port, taking care of reserving the clients’ needed space on aircraft, truck, etc.

Every forwarding agent in Pelikan also makes a complete review of the necessary documents prior to transport and delivery. The shipping agent and forwarding agent also sees to it that papers e.g. bill of lading are prepared. Once the shipment is completed, a shipping agent will then send the papers to the buyer, the bank, or the seller. The forwarding agent or shipping agent will also coordinate with customs brokers to help guarantee that all regulations are met.

Pelikan is a forwarding agent company that started providing sea freight services in 1991. This particular shipping agent conglomerate eventually developed into a combination of a forwarding agent and shipping agent that gives out One Stop Solutions.

Pelikan is Certified with : UNI-EN-ISO 9001 : 2008 (1547) & UNE-EN-ISO 14001 : 2004 (622)


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