Rruga Egnatia, Fly Tower (13th Floor) 2000. Durrës Albania

Our Story

The evolution of our logistics company: A story of growth and success.

Pelikan by its name of the bird, symbolize a careful, safe and smoothly transport, as the Pelikan transports food with beak for its birds.

1991 Our Beginning 

Pelikan Global Logistics was established in 1991 with focus on logistics services. Since then, the company’s major objective has been to complete the full cycle of all import/ export procedures for its clients and partners on a national and international level. Since the company’s operation has expanded and grown over the years, it has continually adapted to the market, global trends, technology, dynamics, and other factors. We constantly invest in social aspects, human capacity, fleet of trucks, tools, cranes, sites, warehouses and different systems in order to continue and increase the quality of services

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A Global Logistics Company Connecting the World.

A special focus has been placed on the projects we have handled for the worldwide activities of NATO, WHO, UNHCR, UNICEF, World Food Program, etc. since our establishment, specifically from the years 91’ to 95’.

We were among the early adopters of the usage of bonded warehouses in the 1996’s,paving the way for an innovative model that had not yet been created. By this program,we provided more opportunities for local and global markets as well as the nearby communities where we built warehouses to grow their imp/exp activities. 

Our company, with the main role of receiving the goods, organizing maritime, customs, unloading/loading, transport, logistics, controlling and issuing procedures, best realizes the closing of the entire cycle of procedures with all involved parties (shipper of goods, receiver of goods/client and state and customs authority).

 Transporting containerized goods was another invention Pelikan introduced to the Albanian market in the ‘98s. The initial ships originated in Turkey, Greece, and Italy. Although still in its early stages, this transformation was essential in order to keep up
with the times and the global transportation business.

Step-by-Step: Tracing the History of Our Logistics Company

Our company continued to work with all the international actors in the years 1999 and 2000 to provide logistical support and transportation to Kosovo, which was still recovering from the war at the time. For more than two years in a row, a dedicated part of the staff & fleet, was dedicated to all logistics operations for the distribution of goods and food in the required areas.


In 2001, we entered into the first contracts with a volume of 2000 to 4000 tons of tiles/ pallets from Spain to Albania. At that time, the construction and recon-struction phases had just started on a large scale in the Balkan area.


  • In 2002, after many studies and contacts with container lines, it became possible to conclude the first contract with an international direct container line from Castellon, Spain to Durres, Albania. The local market, the nearby neighbors, and most importantly the economies of the individual countries, can all be said to have benefited greatly from this. Since that time, this line has continued to run regularly.
  • Ceramic materials used in hydrosanitary systems make up the majority of the carried goods, the remaining are industrial and food items. The equipment and fundamental constructions for the massive projects of Devoll Hydropower, Moglice Hydropower, and Reps Hydropower have benefited greatly in recent years from this line.
  • The primary products of the factories in Spain and Portugal have all arrived through this direct line in record time and at extremely low prices, which has greatly aided the advancement of these important projects for the respective economies.


Another significant step for Pelikan Company in 2005–2006 was the agreement to use container ships with the third-ranked international maritime line in the world, CMA–CGM SAS. This fact is particularly significant because it is the first time that Albania’s Port of Durres and other ports have been directly served by containers from a global network of countries and ports. Up to that point, this service was dependent on the Greek ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki. Numerous things improved with the entry of this company into Albania and the ease with which international import-export transport is now possible everywhere in the world.

The most significant effects were felt in the country ’s economic development and more specifically in the development of the Port of Durres and the countries located nearby.

For all of the services it provides, including maritime agency, forwarding, customs formalities, national-international road transport, national-international container transport, storage, and logistics, the company will continue to grow investments in 2007 and beyond.


In 2008, the company launched one of the largest and most valuable investments for Albanian and international exporting clients, that of the storage and
processing of Albanian minerals.

Through this site (Dry Port), customers can now deposit their goods in an industrial area, about 5.5 km from the Port of Durres, and carry out all processing and export procedures, easily. This gave a great impact to the growth of the local economy and the further development of this export chain because the containerization of minerals makes every producer independent, regardless of size, to export directly without much bureaucracy. Since then, dozens of entities have been operating in this logistics area.


  • In 2010, another important investment took place in the field of maritime transport. 2 new ferries for Trucks and Passengers depart from Durres, Albania – Bari, Italy. This opens a new gate between Europe zone and Balkan region in relation and commercial side.
  • Pelikan Company was congratulated and rewarded by the Albanian government in 2013 as a result of our role in enabling the imp/exp operations for
    around 400,000 tons of cargo, or roughly 120 million euros. (appx)


In 2015, Pelikan Company was provided by the Directory of Customs with Type A Authorization with warehouse number A23. One of the most important developments for the company was the conclusion of the agreement with some of the largest financial companies in the world. These companies with very high financial possibilities could easily credit regional businesses that were in need of financing and coverage in logistical/financial procedures. 

After many periodic inspections and without warning from the customs authority and the task forces, our company has been provided with some definitive authorizations. This is a very important indicator for the seriousness of this type of activity, the Management of Customs Areas/Warehouses from Pelikan Group. Since that time, we continue to carry out this activity, always attracting more and more foreign clients and increasing the productivity and income of the Albanian Customs.


In 2016, Pelikan Company signed an agreement with Spiecapag, the main contractor of the TAP project. Our company covered the machinery processing procedures in thePort of Durres and further the transport of Non-Standard Machinery to the destinations defined in the project, meeting the international safety and quality standards in the given service. So far, the Company has successfully closed hundreds of shipments for goods with non-standard and standard dimensions inside and outside Albania.


Logistics networks even for nonstandard goods.

Pelikan Company has for years covered the logistics networks even for nonstandard goods for all major road improvement projects, hydropower plants, and other industrial constructions such as that of Devoll Hydropower, Banje Hydropower, Comelex, Lura, Peshqesh HP , Reps HP, Elbasan Plants, etc. Lately, our Company has been qualified as the successful bidder (winner) of the tender for the transportation of the next phase of Moglice Hidropower, part of Devoll Hydropower, a Statkraft company.

  • 2017-2018

In 2017/2018, we launched a new model of bulk transport for minerals such as Chrome, Nickel and Zinc. Since we already had the capacity to store over 100,000 tons of goods in our sites, we have the opportunity to order and process bulk ships with capacities up to 60,000 tons.

  • 2019-2020

We began processing large quantities of coal for Albania and the region in 2019 and 2020. About 22,000 tons of coal vessels, which we processed and moved both inside and outside the Region, used to be delivered by ships each month.

  • 2020-2021-2022

Our reach has widened in every sector during the years 2020, 2021, and 2022 with the addition of logistic services for the mining, electrical, energy, solar,gas, oil, and bitumen industries. We continue to work as a subcontractor for many international corporations.


  • Today, Pelikan company with headquarters in Durres and several representative officesin Kosovo, Macedonia, Italy.
  • Has employed more than 150 employees.
  • Currently, the agency is ranked as the Top Logistics Provider in Albania and more broadly in the Balkans.
  • 120.000m2

Pelikan is the No. 1 company in Albania regarding the logistics network of operations with its terminals for containers, general goods, packaged in a surface area of about 120,000 m2.

  • 4 squares 30.000m2

All squares with an industrial surface quality and for all types of loads. It is built in an industrial area and has no impact on the surrounding residential areas. Now, in these squares, the best service in the market has been developed regarding the processing and export of Albanian chrome.

  • 24/7

Surveillance with physical guards, cameras, lighting in every corner.

  • 115 Trailers and Semi-trailers
  • 80 Pulling Heads
  • 70%

Control over the export of minerals,a very important indicator on the management and control skills of our company.

  • Equipped with all possible machinesfor handling goods (handlers, reachstacker for handling containers,holders, pallets, etc.).
  • Special equipment for non-standard goods.
  • Prepared and professional teamsfor every operation.
  • Equipped with all possible facilitiessuch as office, internet, water, lighting, security, etc.