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Efficient, reliable, and affordable shipping solutions await you here.

Pelikan has its own dedicated staff for supervising the transportation of Special Cargo (projects and oversized cargo) to ensure the client always knows that cargo is in our care.

Highly skilled team with international regulation

Shipping is made easy with a highly skilled professional team that is focused on safety and chooses optimal transportation to evaluate all the details of the cargo.
The team is in compliance with international regulations such as SOLAS (Convention of the Safety of Life at Sea) and its amendments, in particular the IMO Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing (CSS Code).
We are proud to serve at any time with devotion and a high standard.

Berthing and Sailing arrangements and procedures are handled very efficiently, without any delay to the vessel. Contacts with shippers and/or receivers locally, stevedoring, cargo operations supervision, and documentation are carried out with precision and reliability.

“PELIKAN” – the bridge of your Project in Albania

Maritime agent services for:
  • Container vessel
  • Bulk vessel
  • General cargo vessel
Discharging – loading rates
  • Project cargo
  • Bulk
  • Break-bulk cargo
Shipping agency services

A shipping agent provides a range of services to ensure the smooth operation of ships arriving at port. These services may include crew change services, container vessel planning, and acting as an agent for general services in port. The agent works to ensure a berth is available for the incoming ship and arranges for the necessary pilot and tug services.

Additionally, the agent draws up customs and harbor service documents, assists the master with local authorities and harbor authorities, and arranges for necessary ship provisions and repairs. The agent also organizes the supply, transport, and handling of goods, coordinates with stevedores, experts, or surveyors, and collects freight and cargo. Finally, the agent contacts shippers and receivers of the goods to ensure smooth and timely delivery.

Cases of damage and shipping agent responsibility

In the event of damage to the cargo or the ship, the shipping agent takes on the responsibility of coordinating the necessary arrangements to mitigate the impact of the damage. Upon request from the ship’s master or owner, the agent contacts the insurance company to initiate any claims process.

Additionally, the agent arranges for nautical inspections and the services of experts or surveyors to assess the damage and provide guidance on the repair or replacement of damaged items. Through this process, the shipping agent plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth and efficient resolution of any issues related to cargo or ship damage.

Our cargo brokers and port agents

The specific tasks of a cargo broker or port agent include:

  • Providing the necessary information concerning the freight rates.
  • Looking for cargo via notices and sailing lists.
  • Drawing up, initiating, and delivering the required documents (booking lists, shipping permits, delivery orders) related to the cargo.
  • Contacting the shippers or forwarders with regard to the deliveries for shipment.
  • Fulfilling the necessary formalities regarding the delivery and reception of the goods (customs, etc.).
  • Vessel Chartering for Break Bulk (Dry and Liquid Cargo) We offer complete vessel chartering for various cargo, including bulk, dry, and liquid, to various destinations across the globe.

We provide full and part-charters, time charters, voyages, air charters, and helicopters. For this, we have associations with the biggest vessel owners worldwide through a network of our associates. With a dedicated team of experts, we operate as per the clients’ personal schedule, ensuring complete comfort and safety.